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david carson shaw - caccia autumnaleDavid Carson Shaw

My work has over many decades primarily been concerned with the passage of time in natural and built environments, and with changing moods through the seasons. I am also very interested in the relationship of people, flora and fauna in these environments.

My paintings can only sometimes be identified with particular places, but they are all based to a greater or lesser extent on directly observed experience or the memory of an experience. Content may also reflect elements which are in the broadest sense spiritual and allegorical.

Recent work has been influenced especially by visits and experiences in the Peak District, Italy, China and India. I am continuing to develop representation of images from civilizations and cultures past and present. These include allusions, memories and fragments, with an awareness of the divide between permanence and the fleeting nature of the passage of time.

Pereunt et imputantur!

(How the hours fly and are lost!)

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